Susan McBee

Cookie Granny!


A little old lady who walks with a cane and smiles at everyone she sees. Susan is small but feisty and has a love for unique hats.

Quote: “I brought cookies!”
Apparent Age: 80
Hair: White
Eyes: Brown
Nationality/Ethnicity: Scottish-American
Height: 4’ 11"
Weight: 95 lbs
Sex: Female


The local adored old lady. Susan is known for her enthusiastic contribution of cookies and baked goods to all neighborhood events. She has lived in Fremont as long as anyone can remember and runs a tea room. She has a reputation for being quirky, but most are won over by her cheerful nature and sugary treats.

Known Allies:

  • Art Johnson – Art has been known to stop by Susan’s for a cup of tea and to act as her general handyman. Susan sees him as the son she never had.
  • Pickles – Pickles officially tolerates Susan because she feeds him.

Known Enemies:

Known Affiliations:


  • Local Business Owner – Queen of Cups Tea Room


  • Queen of Cups Tea Room – Open 10AM to 3PM Tuesday through Saturday and by appointment. She is usually there after hours as well.

Susan McBee

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