Norman Jones

Homicide Detective


Detective Jones always glares. He never simply looks at something, he tries to see through it and what sins it might hide. Most people are nervous around him, especially those who have something to hide.

Quote: “That is one weak alibi.”
Apparent Age: 40
Hair: Brown, Balding
Eyes: Brown
Nationality/Ethnicity: American
Height: 5’ 11"
Weight: 200 lbs
Sex: Male


Jones has been a successful detective for the last ten years. It is hard to get more jaded or cynical than this man.

Known Allies:

  • Seattle PD – They watch each others’ backs.

Known Enemies:

  • A smattering of ex-cons and their families.

Known Affiliations:

  • Seattle PD – His true calling lies here.


  • Cop – Homicide Detective


  • Police Department – Usually neck deep in paperwork.

Norman Jones

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