Walk Away From The Sun

David homework

What Do You Make of This? (Worth 1 experience each.)
I’m in way over my head, but its too late now. Legally bound up in all this and now I ‘know’ that the world is not as it seems. These people are the only people I can trust now, which is weird feeling for someone that makes a living dancing around the truth.

Get out of Jail Free (Worth 1 experience each.)
Legal knowledge and charm.

Fight Analysis (Worth 1 practical experience each.)
Did she have to die? Could she have been captured? We need to stick together more, and be less prone to having someone run off to there death. If we think we are gonna get close to another one of these things could we get a net or something? Who would be qualified to be the ‘tactical leader’

Monster Theories (Worth 1 practical experience each.)
We have magic talking boxes and little pieces of plastic that let us communicate all around the world. This must just be some kind of advance biological technology gone wrong.

Riley's Homework

Degeneration Roll Results: 6, 9, 9, 10, 10 = 4 successes (I will never roll like this in a fight.)

XP Expenditure Investigation. All this creeping around and cop show osmosis is paying off.

Essay Questions

  1. What do you make of all this?

Riley’s occult knowledge is limited to stuff she learned in X-Files and a little bit of myth and folklore stuff she picked up through art studies and patron requests. She is struggling against using a supernatural excuse for the events that have transpired, and is angling toward coming up with an explanation that is possible within her worldview, if implausible.

She can’t explain it yet, though, and she knows that. She’s a little shaken, but isn’t panicked. With this enigma dropped in front of her, Riley is spending most of her mental energy in figuring it out. Left to her own devices, she’s going to filling some paper and canvases with the monster’s visage, searching her memory and her instincts for something she may have missed that will help explain things. She wants to figure out what it is, where it came from and if there’s more stuff out there like it.

She’s glad the thing is dead. Even if it used be human, Riley saw the crime scene photos of the dead old woman and saw the wounds on Sensei and Mulder. It can’t hurt anybody else, and that’s good enough, even if no one else ever appreciates what they did.

  1. Get out of jail free.

The group did nothing wrong, and in fact two of them almost died for the trouble of bringing down a killing machine, but Riley knows no one else realizes that. They have no substantial evidence — her photos and even Newbie’s video won’t hold up, because no one will want to believe it. She should know — Riley’s skeptic enough that if she hadn’t fought the thing directly, she’d still be buying her own “big guy in a gorilla suit” theory.

She’s a cop’s kid, and knows a few things about how cops work. She knows they’ve got a ton of paperwork to fill out, and if every “i” isn’t dotted and every “t” crossed, she knows they’ll have their paper-pushing superiors that never see a crime scene careening up their asses at 80 miles an hour. This sort of scene is a cop’s nightmare, because even if they arrest whoever is conveniently standing around, there’s still going to be a giant hole of unanswered questions.

So, first and foremost, Riley is sympathetic, not defensive. She empathizes that this is a horrible mess to sort out, and if she had an explanation that would bring everything together to make sense, she’d give it. It’s the truth… she wants a reasonable explanation as much as they do.

Her statement is going to be honest, with omitted details. She’s not going to tell them she saw a 7-foot monster in the alleyway trying to eviscerate Mulder, and it just conveniently melted in the rain after it died. She’s going to explain that in the dark, the rain and concern for Mulder’s safety when he cried out, when she rushed around the corner, she could have sworn she saw whatever bowled her over on its way out of the latest victim’s house. Obviously, she was at some point mistaken, or the weather, darkness and creepiness of the attacks have been taking a toll on her perception. She doesn’t know how the woman at the scene could have done the attacks. She had no idea it was even a woman that she was attacking; she just saw Mulder being attacked and she acted.

Riley shows more concern for Sensei and Mulder’s well-being than she does for proving her innocence of this or that. She knows she acted within the bounds of self-defense, and whatever that woman was, she’d been a threat. She does try to surreptitiously milk for some more information about who the woman was. At no point, though, does she mention her dad; she figures she’ll get out of this on her own or she won’t.

  1. Fight Analysis

We sort of kicked the crap out of the thing, didn’t we? It would have been better to have been able to incapacitate the monster without killing it, since having a live body instead of a dead one generally makes questioning by the cops go easier. We don’t have the contacts or the reach to deal with covering up murders and sooner or later we’ll end up in prison. (Or we can work on getting those kinds of contacts and reach; but it’ll take a while and I don’t know that we’re at the “let’s be professional monster-hunting vigilantes!” stage yet.)

I don’t know about a tactical leader. The closest thing to somebody we’d all listen to is Sensei. It might emerge naturally as we work together on these kinds of bizarre hijinks together.

We could definitely use some fear-managing tactics. Locking up and taking off in the face of Terrible Things That Should Not Be is not a very useful response and will lead to teammates being eaten.

I don’t have a lot of analysis because our fight with the monster was over so fast, it’s hard to say what we did well or not. I think being pretty quick on the uptake definitely helped us. And being armed didn’t hurt. But, like I said, we might need to lighten up on the lethal force.

  1. Monster Theories

Riley is totally staying away from supernatural explanations, and is leaning toward milder conspiracy theories. While it makes her sound a little like Mulder, it’s at least better than calling it a weregorilla. She is considering genetic experimentation, a la Isle of Dr. Moreau, as a possible explanation. It would take care of the hybridization of human and animal features that the monster exhibited, and perhaps it got loose — leading to the cover-up of its real identity.

She really hates sounding like Mulder. But she admits she’s got nothing more plausible.

Optional Writing!
Sick ST Catching Up

So, I was sick tonight and had to cancel. Sorry about that. On the plus side, I used some of that time to catch up the previous adventure logs and distribute XP. Additionally, I have a few homework items below that you can optionally do. Some should help me get your character’s out of their current predicament. Others are worth XP. Please just post a new adventure log for yourself if you would like to do this. If not, we can handle the critical stuff at the start of the next session.


Degeneration Rolls
Yay! You all got in a fight. Unfortunately that might seriously damage your calm. Granted, it was in self-defense against a monster, but she turned out to be human underneath. You will get a + 1 bonus to the roll to avoid degeneration.
Riley/Kurosaki/Willard – Roll 4 + 1 dice for a morality 7 offence of aggravated assault.
David – Roll 3 + 1 dice for a morality 4 offence of manslaughter.
If you succeed nothing happens. If you fail, roll your new morality rating to see if you avoid derangements. See World of Darkness pp. 91 – 94.
If you would rather modify your morality code and take a trigger, let me know. You can read more about those in Hunter the Vigil on pp. 326 – 333. This would be an alternative to rolling.

Experience Expenditure
You all have XP! Let me know if you would like to spend some of it. We can work it into the next session if it requires some story. (Making improvements to your Safe House or whatever.) Also, let me know if there is a particular tactic the group would like to buy. You have enough practical xp for that too. (Just remember to check the tactic’s pre-reqs.)

What Do You Make of This? (Worth 1 experience each.)
Write a bit about what your character is making of the unfortunate changes in his/her life.

Get out of Jail Free (Worth 1 experience each.)
Include your plan to get out of your current predicaments.

Fight Analysis (Worth 1 practical experience each.)
In the conflicts with the monster so far, what do you think has gone well, and what has failed? How would you like to address these situations in the future. Should the group pick a tactical leader? What kind of tactics do you think you should have used instead?

Monster Theories (Worth 1 practical experience each.)
What do you think the monster is? Where did it come from? Give me your crazy theories and conjecture based off of what you’ve seen so far.

First Kill
Session #3

The players go out for another patrol and are called to Art’s shop by a panicked radio message. When they arrive, they find the monster, fight it, and kill it. The outer shell of the monster melts away after death to show a naked and scarred woman, now with several bullet holes in her. David, Riley, and Art are arrested. Kurosaki almost dies and he and Willard are both hospitalized.

Players: David Woods, Kurosaki Hibiki, Riley Pickman, Willard Nichoals

NPCs: Susan McBee, Pickles, Art Johnson, Dimme (Monster), Karl Young

XP: 4 Experience for each player, 5 Practical Experience banked (Current Total of 12)

February 15, 2012

  • 9:00 PM – Tea with Susan and Pickles. They talk about the previous night’s incident as well as some missing person reports that had made the news. Susan mysteriously advises them to look along the waterfront.
  • 9:30 PM – Start patrol. Kurosaki and Willard went west along the water, Riley and David go east.
  • 9:45 PM – Kurosaki and Willard find increasing graffiti as they head west, including a triangle and rectangle symbol that repeats periodically.
  • 9:50 PM – Riley and David see police and ambulances at a small marina. They decide not to get involved.
  • 10:10 PM – Art calls in a panic over the players’ radios. He says that there is something outside and he is holed up in his shop with his dogs. They players all head his way in a hurry.
  • 10:20 PM – The players arrive at Art’s. He isn’t responding to the doorbell and it is too well fortified to break in. The players can hear his dogs barking inside. (Red 1 on Map)
  • 10:21 PM – Willard feels a strange chill, and rushes around the building looking for a way in.
  • 10:22 PM – In the dark alley behind the shop, the monster ambushes Willard. Willard tries to shoot it but misses, the others hear the shot and run to his aid. David has a gun and shoots the monster, meanwhile it tears into Willard. Riley runs up to attack it with a baseball bat and Kurosaki with his sword cane. The monster takes a passing swipe at Kurosaki as it tries to flee, disemboweling him in one hit. As it runs, David gets a final shot off and downs it.
  • 10:23 PM – Art comes out from his hiding place clutching an old sub machine gun and visibly shaking. His dogs rush over to the monster and growl at a distance. Riley tries her best to keep Kurosaki from bleeding out and Art looks to Willard’s wounds.
  • 10:24 PM – David walks over to the monster and shoots it one more time in the head. Just to be sure.
  • 10:25 PM – Riley and Art call 9-11.
  • 10:26 PM – The outer surface of the monster starts to steam and bubble. The outer facade sloughs off and evaporates, leaving a very dead naked woman on the ground. She is covered in scars and has some terribly incriminating gunshot wounds.
  • 10:27 PM – Art puts his dogs and his gun back inside. Willard asks him to put his gun their too.
  • 10:30 PM – The cops arrive with a very tired and distressed Karl. The players claim self defense; but Karl arrests Art, Riley, and David anyway. Willard and Kurosaki are sent to the hospital.

The Map

District: Greenlake


The First Casualty
Session #2

The players have their next run in with the monster. They get a better look at the thing, but also find out that it is more than willing to kill. Now they have been associated with two attacks and the cops are getting suspicious.

Players: David Woods, Kurosaki Hibiki, Riley Pickman, Willard Nichoals (Arrived Late)

NPCs: Karl Young, Norman Jones, Susan McBee

XP: 3 Experience for David/Kurosaki/Riley, 1 Experience for Willard, 3 Practical Experience banked (Current Total of 7)

February 3, 2012

  • Morning – After little sleep, all players take the time to write down what they saw.
  • 3:00 PM – Riley goes to animal control. The people there are skeptical but friendly, refer Riley to Gregory Paskett at the zoo. She schedules an appointment for 2/17.

February 4-5, 2012

  • Painting – Riley starts trying to paint what she saw in their previous encounter.
  • Security – Dave tries to install new locks on his door and a security system. He isn’t much of a handy man and eventually hires a contractor to finish it.

February 14, 2012

  • Morning – Riley finishes the paintings she has been working on all week. They are creepy and evocative, if not particularly detailed. (She is working from fragmented memories and pictures of footprints and claw marks.) She posts untitled samples on her website and leaves it open for comment.
  • 9:30 PM – Kurosaki runs into a frightened older woman at the supermarket. She says that she feels like someone has been following her. Kurosaki offers to walk her the eight blocks home.
  • 9:40 PM – Kurosaki spots the monster from the previous session in the bushes. He sees it’s glowing eyes, and fights the compulsion to run. (Red 1 on Map)
  • 9:45 PM – He and the woman cross to the other side of the street and safely make it to her home, though Kurosaki is aware of being followed. (Red 2 on Map)
  • 9:50 PM – Kurosaki walks a couple blocks away and calls Riley and David. They agree to meet up where he spotted the thing and see if they can gather more evidence.
  • 10:15 PM – David realizes it’s Valentine’s day, gets Riley some flowers. (AWWWWW… Cute.)
  • 10:45 PM – Riley and David meet up at the location Kurosaki described. After some awkwardly timed flirtation they look to see if they can find some tracks. Kurosaki is hanging back and searching closer to the supermarket.
  • 11:00 PM – David and Riley find intermittent tracks and start following them.
  • 11:30 PM – The tracks lead to the woman’s house and they notice some claw marks on a tree in her yard. They knock on her door to no response, though they do see some lights on upstairs.
  • 11:35 PM – David and Riley let Kurosaki know what they found. He heads towards the house while they walk around to the back door. It is hanging on one hinge and has obviously been forced open. The ground level of the house is dark, but there is some destroyed furniture visible from the porch. David and Riley see the thing in the house and meet it’s eyes. They are overcome by terror and David flees into the night. Riley is rooted to the spot in fear. The monster hurls past her, shoving her out of the way and fleeing into the dark. She comes to her senses just long enough to get a picture of it’s back as it runs. Riley calls the cops.
  • 11:40 PM – Kurosaki gets to the house. Riley asks him to wait for the cops while she runs after David. Kurosaki waits outside.
  • 11:50 PM – Cops arrive and storm into the house. They find the woman eviscerated and partially eaten. They call in backup and tape off the house. Kurosaki is asked to stay for questioning.
  • 12:05 AM – Riley and a sheepish David return, he made it all the way to his house before coming to his senses.
  • 12:15 AM – Backup arrives, one of the cops is Karl, the cop who responded during the attack on the boy. The players are questioned and eventually allowed to go home. They all try to self-medicate themselves into sleep.

February 15, 2012

  • 10:00 AM – The players are called into the police station for further questioning. They are shown photos of the crime seen by an aggressive homicide detective named Jones. They give a man in a suite theory again, but the detective is suspicious. However, there is no evidence that they even went in to the house so they are allowed to leave.
  • 9:00 PM – David, Kurosaki, Riley, and Willard all arrive at the Queen of Cups Tea Room to get the radios from Susan. It is their next patrol night and they are really tired. They all have tea and Willard’s player introduces his character.

The Map

District: Greenlake


First Steps into the Night
Session #1

The first session was a chance to introduce the players to the setting, organization, and NPCs as well as have their first encounter with a monster. It was a short session, but went well.

Players: David Woods, Kurosaki Hibiki, Riley Pickman

NPCs: Art Johnson, Jeremy Woods, John Martin, Rebecca Smith, Susan McBee

XP: 3 Experience each, 4 Practical Experience banked for the group.

January 31, 2012

February 2-3, 2012

  • 9:00 PM – Meet up with Art, get the walky-talkies and split into two groups. Art and David start patrolling in northern Fremont, looking for what might be attacking pets in the area. Kurosaki and Riley head south to look into some vandalism.
  • 10:00 PMKurosaki and Riley check in with Jeremy at the Dubliner to see if he has noticed any suspicious activity. He informs them of some teens in an ally across the street that were acting secretive.
  • 10:05 PMDavid knows way too much about Art’s theories that what they are looking for is an escaped cougar.
  • 10:15 PMKurosaki and Riley check on the alley and find a group of obviously high individuals gratifying the wall. They appear to be in their late teens to early twenties. Riley calls the police and is informed that it will be a while before a cop car can arrive. They remain out of sight and try to keep an eye on things. (Blue 1 on Map)
  • 10:25 PM – Art and David follow a mewing sound to an alley and find a half-eaten but still alive cat. It dies shortly there after and the distraught owner finds them just in time to burst into tears. Art does his best to be comforting. David finds a single odd print in a patch of mud. It looks vaguely like a human footprint, but larger with what appears to be talon marks in front of the toes. He snaps a picture of it with his cellphone. (Red 2 on Map)
  • 10:30 PM – The vandals notice that Kurosaki and Riley are lurking nearby and confront them. It initially looks like violence might ensue, but a stare down and the threat of the police coming makes the vandals turn tale and run.
  • 10:35 PM – Art and David determine that they think the thing went east and continue searching.
  • 10:55 PM – Art and David find more tracks around a knocked-over garbage can. There are also some footprints from a child. The footprints don’t lead back to the house they came from. (Red 3 on Map)
  • 11:00 PMDavid contacts Kurosaki and Riley asking them to meet up because they’re concerned that there may be a child hurt.
  • 11:15 PM – The group meets up and examines the tracks further. Riley takes a good picture of the tracks.
  • 11:20 PM – They knock on the door of the house the child’s tracks come from and are greeted by a disheveled man. They learn that the child is the man’s 9 year old son who was taking the trash out.
  • 11:25 PM – After a frantic search of the house, the father runs out looking for his child. David and Riley follow to the east. Kurosaki and Art stay behind to look for clues.
  • 11:30 PM – The father runs off at random. David and Riley continue north east. It begins to rain.
  • 11:40 PM – The father returns home to call the boy’s friends and the police. Kurosaki discovers that the boy is an asthmatic.
  • 11:45 PMDavid and Riley hear crying coming from a very dark ally. After a moment’s hesitation, they head in to find the boy pale and bleeding from a stomach wound. They catch a glimpse of something scurrying strait up a brick wall. What they saw was hairy and had more than four limbs. They apply pressure to the boy’s wounds and call for an ambulance. (Red 4 on Map)
  • 12:00 AM – Ambulance arrives and administers aid to the boy. Kurosaki and Art join and they are told that they boy will likely make it. The players are unable to answer when the paramedic asks what did this.
  • 12:20 AM – Paramedics leave, boy’s father goes to the hospital with them.
  • 12:30 AM – The group gets a chance to look around. They find more footprints and claw marks in the brick wall.
  • 12:35 AM – Rain increases. Footprints start wearing away.
  • 12:45 AM – Police arrive and interview the group. They ask who did it and the players describe what they think is a man in a monster suite. Art goes with a full monster theory.
  • 2:00 AM – Police allow the players to leave.
  • 2:30 AM – Players try to do some internet research. They go to bed not long after that. Sleep does not come easily.

The Map

District: Greenlake



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